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If you actually think you're funny, you are allowed to submit articles to us at saccocka@clarkson.edu. Just put the written part of the article in your e-mail and any additional pictures in j-peg form. Or maybe it's .jpg. I don't know, I hate the Internet. Articles related to Clarkson or the North Country are preferred, but they dont have to be.

Your article is not guaranteed acceptance, because we go through a very difficult process to weed out the crap. We print out the whole thing and fold it into paper-airplanes and see which one flies farthest. The one that wins best design gets on the site and we all laugh because the author withholds no rights by giving us his/her* work.

No, seriously, you have no rights in our neo-fascist future of the Intarwebs.

Honestly don't ask. We don't care. What could you possibly ask?

"Why does The Knight seem like a dumb version of the Daily Jolt?"
Well... shut up. I have a higher GPA than you. Actually I don't. That's why you shouldn't ask us anything. We dumb.

You really can't. We hate other people, especially those already in the club, so we are careful not to make it worse. But seriously, there is no point in "joining" us... the only benefit is a picture on the Staff page... and maybe our club t-shirt.

Again, I am quite serious when I say t-shirt, we only have the one. Don't ask me why...

Problems with the Site
Complain towards our Webmaster and Lord of the Internet, Kyle at pulverkl@clarkson.edu.

But remember that we find complaints extremely annoying and we think anyone who complains about the situation they are presented with is a d**. Like all of those Clarkson students who think they are entitled to decent Internet and Food service.

*By the slim chance in God's will that a girl visits this site.

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The Knight is in no way associated with anyone or anything. We are not an official Clarkson website. The ads on this site are probably fake, and if you take them seriously then there is something seriously wrong with you, seriously. But seriously, don't take anything from this site, that would make us angry. And if you make us angry, all it takes is one phone call to have Wick on you like butter on bread. Or a super advanced robot from the neo-facist future on bread, whichever you prefer.

If you spot any anything wrong with the site, please email the webmaster so that he may use his web mastery to fix it.

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