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Physics TA Application
Want to become a member of Wick's crack TA squad? Merely fill out this application and you might make it in!
Physics TA Application
Name (no fewer than 17 letters and unpronounceable) : _______________________

Place of Birth (circle one of the following) :

Number of years you have known English (if more than 2, don?t bother applying): ___

Circle any of the following characteristics you have (no fewer than 3 should be circled) :

Who?s your favorite Physicist?

Now which one had the best hair?

How well did you score on the Physics exams?

If you didn?t take Physics at Clarkson, you?ll have to complete Exam 5 right now, you?ll have 2 hours starting now. Yes I know exactly when you read this, so you really have 2 hours from right now. You?ll find the exam here.

Exam 5

You can e-mail your answers to me using Photon Anti-Particles through Neptune. The planet may be moving near light speeds from my experiments, so be sure to red-shift your data accordingly.

Finally write an essay describing how Physics works in all things, ever. This should be no more than few pages, in handwritten binary.

Remember, any applicant not accepted as a TA must be destroyed using point charges and\or gamma radiation. Sorry, that?s Physics. Not like those pansies over at Chemistry.
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