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Hero of the Fall Break series.

Class: 2008
Major: Wait... I go to college?
Strange Fact: I once chewed my own arm off to survive a tidal wave of pudding after an explosion at Robro.
Mortal Enemies: Poutine, The Internet, My Advisor, Well Wishers
Christopher House
Drives a Saturn.

Class: 2008
Major: I don't even go to this school anymore
Strange Fact: I was forcibly removed from the Clarkson campus for not meeting the desired quota of conventions defied. I am currently in the witness protection program due to an altercation at a hockey game involving a Russain named Penceroff.
Mortal Enemies: People, The General Population, People
Super awesome Radio expert.

Class: 2008
Major: Something that doesn't involve too much work
Strange Fact: I almost got my CRV impounded by a power hungry Potsdam Police officer for hijacking McDonald's drive-thru radios. ...that's actually true.
Mortal Enemies: Potsdam Police, McDonalds, Aramark, 8am Classes
Master of the internet.

Class: 2008
Major: I make cartoons, alright?
Strange Fact: I went to P&C after midnight. That crazy guy at Burger King said it couldn't be done, but I proved him wrong.
Mortal Enemies: Jack Thompson, Mix Master Mo, OIT, Roy
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