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A School of the Arts
Clarkson is known as an excellent technical university. One of Clarkson's most intense disciplines, however, is often overlooked: the arts.
A School of the Arts
Clarkson University is known throughout the Greater Potsdam metropolitan region and several uncharted areas of Canada as an excellent technical university. Clarkson?s science and engineering programs are respected, and the Aramark Culinary Institute, located ?somewhere in those woods,? knows no equal far and wide. One of Clarkson?s most intense disciplines, however, is often overlooked by prospective freshmen, outgoing seniors, faculty, ____, that bagpipe guy at Coronation, and Thomas S. Clarkson?s cryogenically frozen head: the arts.

The Thomas S. Powers Cheel Snell Cheel Center for the Arts, named for former baseball superstar Pete Rose, is housed in the Cheel Walker Cheel Snell Snell Clarkson Cheel Hall which is ?somewhere on the downtown campus.? The Arts Center, known affectionately to students as ?The Thomas S. Powers Cheel Snell Cheel Center for the Arts? or ?The Arts Center? or ?What the hell are you talking about?? is a beautiful, spacious building in the heart of Potsdam, located near that one dollar store (not the one by the P&C). Naturally, the art gallery visible from the North-North-West Entrance to the building plays on Clarkson?s reputation as a powerful technological university. The Art/Tech Fusion Gallery generally rotates pieces bimonthly; currently, the theme is ?Aliens Created with MS Paint.? I managed some snapshots:

Caption: The Bush Administration should stop the colonization of Mars ~ Edward Flannigan

Kim O'Byrne, artist behind this piece, says ?Aliens are gross.?

Walter G. Edward, president of the Art Club and the mind behind this work, refused to comment on his piece for fear of anti-drug raids.

In addition to Clarkson?s fine visual arts program, the university also boasts an excellent music department, rivaling some of the finest community colleges without music programs in the North Country. Clarkson University has two outstanding music halls, the Cheel Clarkson Cheel Snell Cheel Science Center CAMP Hall and the Walker Cheel Walker Cheel Snell Thomas S Musical Theater. Boasting 3 impressive practice rooms, which, through the abilities of modern science, double as the Cheel Snell Snell Snell Cheel Walker Hamlin Janitorial Closets, the Center for Awesome Music Power (CAMP) is truly an amazing facility. Clarkson boasts a 100% employment rate* for all graduating music students in high paying professions that include hobos, Giant Tiger employees, and scary drunken people.

Perhaps Clarkson?s greatest achievement in the arts is their unique education program that combines creative techniques and pure, raw Indian accents. This program, dubbed ?Creative Artistic Movement, Please (CAMP) is truly groundbreaking. Several government agencies, including the Freedman?s Bureau, have supported Clarkson?s unique initiative through generous money donations and also, in rare instances, a ridiculous amount of those Monopoly pieces from McDonald?s that we already have. (While the Helen Walker Cheel Snell Cheel Clarkson School of the Snells (and Arts) appreciates federal aid, officials are asking that such agencies should respectfully stop sending old McDonald's Monopoly pieces at this time. However, on a personal note, I will gladly accept State Street because I am so close to winning that Nintendo 64).

Clarkson University is known as far as Ogdensburg for its many achievements; for instance, those guys who coded that one software thing, those other guys who race the car things and that one guy who ate like 30 hot dogs at lunch the other day. But let us also, as a spirited community bound with love and sometimes super glue, praise our unsung friends: the Clarkson artists.

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