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New Physics Exam
This exam was uncovered by the staff here at The Knight. It seems to be a top secret exam that isn't supposed to be exposed to the public, but you can see it here!
New Physics Exam
Doc Wick,

I'm writing on behalf of the "Physics Committee" that produced Exam 5. Hopefully you have acquired it by this point and have reviewed the material within. We are greatly expecting feedback on the questions you thought were suitable for the final cut of Exam 5. We'd appreciate any criticism or comments on the aforementioned exam.



Exam 5 (500kb)


Dear Committee (Tyler, Kyle, and Kevin),

I do have a few comments prior to the final publication of Exam 5. Please
see below...

1) Instructions: The "pit of wolverines" is actually a rumor. We refer the Bulgarian spine-backed warthog variety (6 in all) for our pre-grading pit party. We try to keep these details secret.

2) Instructions: "...otherwise write additional work on hand and staple
hand to the test..." This is truly superb!

3) MC#1 should at least include a hint. It is a matter of professional courtesy and politeness to begin a physics exam with a confidence builder question! Suggested Hint: Use inversion symmetry and replicate inner child with a scapegoat.

4) MC#2 (Answer C) is a bit obvious, and truth revelations with repercussions are simply not what they used to be. The second question should be more intimidating. You want students to feel stranded at this point.

5) MC#3: I think you need to include fries with that.

6) MC#4: Excellent question! Always try to refer to previous problems with an element of mystique. It's a good way to throw students off the track without them catching on...

7) MC#5: Clearly the assumption is simplifying here. Good idea! If I hold this up in the moonlight, do runes appear?

8) MC#6: While I am partial to Fig Newtons, the mixture of movie themes is a nice touch. Loyd's wallowing of "1.21 GW" contrasts nicely with the raspy Yoda speech.

9) MC#7: Excellent mixture of two separate answering venues (MC and True/False). This is always a nice distracter technique --- lead them away from the content by confusing them with the packaging! By the way, the longest word in the English language is the answer to any question. This is well known amongst those to whom it is well known.

10) MC#8: "Let me set up the basic story line..." Hmmmm --- where have I heard that before?

11) MC#9: Again, the deception is brilliant here!

12) MC#10: What can I say to this? The answer is always 42!

13) Problem 1: Indeed: "This is a classic problem!" --- Hmmmmm, again I'm hearing echoes in my head! Gravy flux is very difficult to calculate using Chestnut Stuffing's Law. --- So, you might consider making this problem even more challenging by requiring the gravy flux calculation to be conducted through a turkey baster. The hint in part c) is cleverly incorrect. You are demonstrating a classic mislead and destroy technique! Build up their confidence by innocently leading them to a very high cliff. The sudden realization of danger will be like the Nestea plunge to the casual summer dawdler. By the way, I am not thinking of a number right now! Also, Bonuses should never be solvable. Please rework this.

14) Problem 2: The element of surprise can leave them teetering on the brink! You have certainly accomplished this here. Components that don't even exist yet! I love it! The true genious behind this question, however, is actually in the Note, which states, and I quote --- happily quote: "Dr. Jim is a pansy." The insertion of reality into this problem could not have been better placed. Reality always adds a nice mix in the scheme of things for a physics exam. I doubt that Jim would agree, but then again, this is a physics exam! Who cares! Your confusing correction to a previous lie in part a) of this problem is deceitfully pleasant. While part b) is god-like, part c) is a little too common ground for this exam - please rework. The Bonus is brilliant!

Exam 5 is in excellent shape and close to publication status. Thanks for a good laugh at the end of the semester.

Best Regards,


David P. Wick
Assistant Professor
Physics Department
Clarkson University
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